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  • End Table Pet Crate

    End Table Pet Crate




    Not just a Pet Crate but a Piece of Fine Furniture.

    We don't know about you, but we find wire pet crates to be a bit unattractive. Have you ever seen one that you would want in your living room?

    You have spent a lot of time and effort to make your home beautiful, now your pet's home can blend right in with your decor. Even though this is a hardwood pet crate, you won't have to worry about clean-up. The easy to clean Extira™ waterproof crate floor eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors. Plus these dog crates are thoughtfully designed to accommodate standard sized crate pads and cushions.

    Access for you and your pet is simple too. A swinging door contains your pet at nighttime or lets him come and go. The door can also swing inside so it's out of the way. Available in Mahogany or Antique Black you will now be able to contain your pet in style.

    End Table Pet Crate : Not just a Pet Crate but a Piece of Fine Furniture. You have spent a lot of time and effort to make your home beautiful, now your pet's home can blend right in with your decor.

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  • Large Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat

    Large Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat



    • Pet Car Seat Size: 19" H x 30" W x 17" D
    • Designed for larger pets (up to 34 lbs) – or for multiple pets
    • Zipper removable microsuede cover
    • 2 connection straps included for the seat belt to join the harness
    • Storage tray for added convenience
    • Seat belt slot for security. Includes two connection straps to join seat belt and harness  

    Made With Elegant Microsuede – Let your Pet Ride in Style and Comfort!
    The Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Pet Car Seat is like the Lookout I Pet Car Seat but, for added value, has a pull-out tray at the bottom to hold food and water dishes, toys, chews, leash or any other items. The Luxury Lookout II pet car seat is made with an elegant microsuede cover so your pet is sure to enjoy their chic new car seat.

    Available in a variety of micro suede fabrics you are sure to find the perfect car seat to match any car. The comfortable foam helps your pet ride safe and smooth while in your car or truck. The cover can be removed for easy cleaning. Use the dog car seat in the house as a bed or in the car as a booster! There is a seat belt slot for security and a connecting strap is included for the seat belt to join a harness.


    Large Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat: Large Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat. The Snoozer Large Luxury Dog Car Seat in Fabulous Micro Suede Fabrics! Give 'em a boost! The Snoozer Large Luxury pet car seat is designed for larger pets (up to 34 lbs) – or for multiple pet buddies.

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  • Bench Litter Box Cover

    Bench Litter Box Cover

    Merry Products White Jumbo Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box Cover

    Our Merry Products White Jumbo Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box Cover will make an elegant and stylish addition to any bathroom. The Cat Washroom serves as an attractive cover to hide away any litter box and confine all litter messes inside, while providing useful space for any organizing options.

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    $259.95 $239.95
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  • Heavy Duty Five Step

    Heavy Duty Five Step

    US $260.00

    Buy Now: $250.00

    • Built to hold over 200 pounds, this step will hold even the heaviest of dogs!
    • Ideal for older pets with joint problems, or post-surgical pets who need a little help up to their favorite chair, sofa or bed.
    • Can be used with furniture from 31” to 37” tall.
    • Individual step sizes: About 6” in height and 8” in depth.

    $260.00 $250.00
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  • Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Fence

    Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Fence

    Perimeter® Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fences

    The Perimeter® Technologies team has been keeping dogs safer for longer than anyone. They are some of the original founders of the Invisible Fence® brand in 1976. The most experienced engineering team in the industry has introduced the most significant innovation in do-it-yourself dog fence kits since 2003. Trust your dog’s safety to the founders of the industry.

    $299.99 $279.99
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  • Pet Safe Instant Fence

    Pet Safe Instant Fence

    The Outdoor (Instant) Fence Wireless Pet Containment System offers safety and portability.

    The PetSafe wireless dog fence receiver works with the PetSafe Instant Wireless Dog Fence. If you have more than one dog, you will need an extra receiver for each one you want to contain.

    PetSafe Wireless Fence | Instant Dog Fence PIF 300: Free Shipping on Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence. The PeSafe Wireless Fence is the Quick, Easy way to contain your pet. Click or 1-800-565-9879 For The Best Deal on a Wireless Fence!
    $369.99 $279.99
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  • WiFi Dog Fence

    WiFi Dog Fence

    The WIFI Dog Fence System features superior 2.4 GHz WiFi signal which provides three times the coverage area of other wireless systems. It features range up to 2.5 acres, real-time range indication, fence challenge notification and you can even view your pet’s collar battery status without even touching their collar.

    Perimeter Technologies WiFi Dog Fence | 802.15 Instant Wireless Dog Fence: With Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi wireless dog fence, you can now control a larger area than PetSafe's PIF-300 Instant Fence. The Perimeter Wifi 802.15 instant wireless dog fence also allows you to see exactly where in the containment area your dog is, the dog's receiver collar battery life, and if the dog tries to escape you will be notified so that you can take the appropriate action. Perimeter Technologies WiFi Instant wireless dog fences are the top of the line in wireless pet fencing.
    $359.99 $329.99
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  • Roameo Dog Collar

    Roameo Dog Collar

    The RoamEO collar uses an ordinary collar that is equipped with GPS technology. Just snap the collar on your dog, turn it on, and RoamEO is operational. The RoamEO handheld unit can track up to three dogs simultaneously.

    RoamEO Classic GPS Dog Tracking Collars: Keep up with your dog with a GPS dog tracking collar by RoamEO. Save $100 and get free shipping too.

    $199.99 $179.99
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  • Roameo Classic – GPS

    Roameo Classic – GPS

    RoamEO is a GPS-based dog product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets through the use of a GPS dog collar. RoamEO also has the GPS Fence, an invisible boundary that allows dog owners to establish an electronic perimeter for your pet.

    Maybe your pet doesn't know what GPS is, but he does know how important your companionship is. So keep him safe.  RoamEO. So home is never far away.


    RoamEO GPS: The RoamEO GPS dog tracking device needs no subscription. A self-contained GPS pet tracking unit offers many features. This pet tracking GPS ranks high in GPS tracking dog collars. Find out why.
    $429.99 $399.99
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  • Yard & Park Remote Trainer

    Yard & Park Remote Trainer

    Make him obey, even if he’s far away.

    With a range of up to 400 yards away, this trainer lets you manage your furry friend’s unwanted behavior even if he’s not wearing a lead. The unit has 8 levels of correction and a lightweight collar that can fit any dog comfortably. Rechargeable remote and collar means no batteries to buy.

    $199.99 $139.99
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  • Universal Remote

    Universal Remote

    The safety of a pet fence – The one collar convenience of the Universal Trainer

    If you’re having behavior problems with your pets, we can help.

    The Universal Remote Trainer can quickly and easily help you solve frustrating behavior problems such as jumping up, stealing food, excessive barking or not coming when called. With the push of a button you’ll be rewarding your dog’s good behaviors with a calming vibration or discourage bad ones using the brief attention getting pulse.

    $219.99 $179.99
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