Invisible Fence Dog Collar

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Perimeter Technologies® Computer Receiver™ Collar for Invisible Fence® Brand Dog Fence System

GUARANTEED TO WORK With Your Invisible Fence 7K or 10K Dog Fence or Your Money Back!  (excludes Invisible Fence® 800 series)

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Price: from $149.99

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Additional Product Information

Replace Your Lost Receiver Collar or Add Another For a New Pet and Save Lots of Money!

Owners of Invisible Fence® Brand Dog Fence Systems: You can now purchase a Brand New Computer Receiver™ Collar for your system and save a whopping 40-60% over Dealer Prices! On top of that, the Perimeter Brand ComputerReceiver™ collar is More Advanced, with More Options and More Capabilities than the R21®.

Unique features:
  • PATENTED Three antenna, omni-directional design ensures signal reception regardless of the pet's orientation to the fence
  • PATENTED Natural Rubber Comfort Contacts? for Your Pet's Greater Comfort & Safety
  • Progressive Correction for Maximum Containment Stability
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar
  • Two Adjustable Frequencies (7k or 10k)
  • Two sets of Contact Posts (1 Pair Comfort Contacts, 1 Pair Steel Contacts - Medium)
  • One Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • One Adjustable Nylon Collar
  • Extremely Small & Lightweiht Receiver (weigh only 1.1 ounces)
  • Designed and Manfactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Compatible Transmitters

ICT700 (pictured)
ICT725 (pictured)
ICT750 (Gray Case)
ICT775 (Gray Case)
Invisible Gate™ (pictured)
ICT150 (pictured)
ICT250 (Dark Blue Case)
ICT100 (Dark Blue Case)
ICT100A (Dark Blue Case)
ICT75 (Dark Blue Case)
ICT50 (Dark Blue Case)
AT950 Indoor Transmitter

The Perimeter Computer Receiver™ Collar is NOT COMPATIBLE with Invisible Fence 800 Series transmitters or Shields® Indoor Avoidance transmitters pictured on the right above. The Perimeter Computer Receiver™ Collar WILL NOT WORK with these transmitters, and IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for the Invisible Fence brand Titanium Series dog fence collars. The Perimeter Computer Receiver™ Collar is NOT COMPATIBLE with Perimeter® Brand Dog Fence Systems.