Lookout II Dog Car Seat

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  • 15" X 17" X 19" - For Pets up to 18 Pounds
  • Integrated safety strap for securing dog in safely
  • Booster seat secured by car safety belt
  • Cover & interior are both machine washable
  • Lambs wool interior keeps dog cool in summer & warm in winter
  • Plush, comfortable and durable polyurethane foam


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Additional Product Information

Snoozer Lookout II Dog Car Seat allows your pet to eat and drink while enjoying the ride!
The Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is like the original Lookout but, for added value, has a pull-out tray at the bottom to hold food and water dishes, toys, chews, leash or any other items.

The Patented Lookout II Dog Car Seat is the perfect booster seat for pets up to 25 lbs! The Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat interior is made of lambs wool creme sherpa and the exterior cover comes in a variety of unique fabric colors. The cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Use the Lookout II pet car seat in the house as a bed or in the car as a pet booster seat! There is a seat belt slot to prevent any injury to you pet in the event of a sharp turn or sudden stop. For additional security, a connecting strap is included for the seat belt to connect to a harness. Add the optional Travel Rack to your pet car seat - it snaps on the front of your dog car seat our pet can eat and drink while enjoying the ride.