Self Warming Dog Crate Pad

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The Self-Warming Crate Bed is available in 3 colors - one is sure to fit your dog crate and home decor.

The self-warming dog crate bed will capture your pet's body heat and radiate back the warmth keeping snug and secure. The 4 corners are slit to allow the pad to fit many different edges. The adjustable size makes this pad fit into many different crates.

The topside of the crate pad is made from soft, inviting microfleece while the bottom has a "stay pet" non-slip fabric to keep the pad from bunching up in the crate. Simply throw the whole pad in the wash for easy cleaning and care.


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  • Small: Fits Pet Crates 14" x 22"
  • Medium: Fits Pet Crates 20" x 25"
  • Large: Fits Pet Crates 21" x 31"
  • Extra Large: Fits Pet Crates 25" x 37"
  • XX Large: Fits Pet Crates 32" x 48"
  • Giant: Fits Pet Crates 37" x 54"


  • Three Colors - Tan, Mocha and Gray
  • Self warming radiates heat back to your pet
  • Corners are slit to allow perfect fit in any crate
  • Soft microfleece top for comfort
  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • Easy wash and care