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RoamEO is a GPS-based dog product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets through the use of a GPS dog collar. RoamEO also has the GPS Fence, an invisible boundary that allows dog owners to establish an electronic perimeter for your pet.

Maybe your pet doesn't know what GPS is, but he does know how important your companionship is. So keep him safe.  RoamEO. So home is never far away.



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GPS: Not Just for Hikers Anymore
Sometimes the most complex technology can be applied to the simplest application. GPS technology is integrated into many parts of our lives today, from cell phones to navigation. We don't even give it a second thought anymore, yet our lives are the better for it every day. Now it is possible to use this same technology we find so ordinary in a new way, to help us protect one of the most important things in our lives: our pets.

RoamEO is an exciting product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate & contain their pets. Using a GPS-enabled collar, RoamEO can pinpoint your pet's location and show you where he's heading. It's that simple. Now each time you put on your pet's collar, it comes with the extraordinary advantage of knowing that you can locate your pet at anytime. Most of the time, it's just that extra comfort of knowing where he is when he's running around out back. And then there may be those times when your pet is counting on you to help him, and that's when RoamEO will make you his hero.

RoamEO Features

  • Locates your pet within one mile in all directions and displays this information on a color LCD screen.
  • Displays your pet's exact location, current movements, and velocity.
  • Create your own customized GPS Fence that will result in an audible alert if your pet leaves the defined perimeter.
  • Can track up to three pets simultaneously.
  • Easy to use: no installation required; no third party services necessary.
Sample LCD Screen Shots
Fence> GPS Status

Warranty / Returns
White Bear Technologies, the manufacturer of the RoamEO GPS Pet Location System is no longer in business, therefore, we do not offer any Warranty or Return of this product.

When purchasing the RoamEO GPS Pet Location System, you agree/acknowledge you are purchasing this product with a no return / no warranty policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RoamEO work?

Each RoamEO system has two components: a portable, handheld receiver used by the pet owner and a special collar for the dog. The collar transmits GPS coordinates back to the receiver, where the information is translated and then displayed on the color LCD screen.

Is RoamEO designed to work with cats?

Technically, there is no reason RoamEO would not work on cats. However, the smallest circumference on a collar we currently manufacturer is 12 inches. Generally, this size collar would be too large for most cats. We have received considerable input from cat owners asking for a product like RoamEO for their pets. As a result, we are actively investigating whether we can make a collar small enough to fit on cats. Please watch our website for further updates on this.

Is RoamEO available outside the United States and Canada?

Currently, we cannot ship RoamEO outside the United States. All countries have laws governing radio transmissions within their borders, and these laws are usually quite different than those of the United States'. We are researching the laws now in the following countries: all of Europe, South America, Mexico, and Australia. It is our goal to make RoamEO available to as many countries as possible.

What set-up is required for RoamEO?

RoamEO was designed to be simple. The only set up required is adjusting the collar for your dog. There is no hardware or software installation required. The system is operational the moment you turn it on.

What is the range of RoamEO?

In line of sight conditions, RoamEO has a range of one mile in all directions. Buildings, trees, and hills can affect the range of RoamEO, although every condition is unique and results will vary. If possible, we recommend that you test for range so that you have an understanding of this distance in the environment that you will be using your system.

What information is displayed on the LCD screen?

RoamEO was designed with three distinct screen shots. The unit defaults to the screen that was active at shut-down. The first screen provides very basic information, and an additional level of detail is added as you scroll to the next screen. Moving from screen to screen requires only hitting the 'Screen' button, should you decide at any time that more or less information is needed. The following information is available: your location, your pet's location, distance in feet, velocity in MPH, direction your pet is heading, general compass, Electronic Fence (if activated), battery life of collars, battery life of handheld unit, GPS signal strength, radio signal strength, and zoom scale. Examples of these screenshot of the LCD screen are available here.

What happens if my dog goes beyond the range of RoamEO?

RoamEO displays the last known location of your pet. If at any time your pet comes back into the range of the system-whether because you are moving toward him or he is moving toward you-RoamEO will resume tracking immediately.

What happens if I lose a GPS fix on my dog?

Depending on the environment you are in, it is possible that either you or the collar on your dog may lose a GPS fix. If this occurs, RoamEO will show the last known position of the unit, and continue its attempts to acquire a GPS lock. As soon as a GPS fix is re-acquired, the system immediately displays the updated information. If this condition persists, especially on the collar, it may be possible your dog is under some type of covering-man made or otherwise-that is preventing his collar from receiving a signal.

How many pets can I track at one time with RoamEO?

RoamEO is designed to track up to three pets at once. Each pet would require their own collar. RoamEO uses a color system to distinguish between multiple pets on the LCD screen.

What is the GPS Fence?

The GPS Fence option allows you to establish an electronic perimeter for your pet. For example, this could be the perimeter of your yard or your property line. Once established, the fence will reside in the system memory. If you choose to activate your fence when your system is turned on, you will receive an audible warning if your dog exits the fence perimeter. RoamEO still tracks your pet, even without an active fence. You can store a fence in memory without activating it.

Will RoamEO track my pet if he exits the GPS Fence?

RoamEO is designed to constantly track your pet, whether he is inside or outside the perimeter of the GPS Fence.

How do I set up the GPS Fence?

The GPS Fence feature is very easy to set up. It is best if you decide before hand the perimeter you wish to establish for your pet. Then, holding the handheld unit, walk the perimeter you have selected, pressing the 'Fence' button at strategic points. This action causes the system to establish GPS fence posts in memory, which serve as the outline of your fence. You may establish up to 256 GPS fence posts, although we would not recommend that. The fence is then stored in memory until or if you choose to create a different fence.

How large (or small) can I make my GPS Fence?

Theoretically, you could make your fence as large as the range on your system in your given environment, or as small as a 10 foot perimeter. The GPS Fence feature was designed to give you maximum flexibility in terms of both shape and distance. Some experimentation may be necessary to establish the most efficient fence for your particular situation. With this mind, we have designed the fence building process to be very simple.

Can I use RoamEO from indoors?

Yes. We have designed RoamEO to allow for you to track your dog from indoors. However, RoamEO will need to be placed close to a window so that the radio signals can be received.

How do I know if the collar will fit my dog?

The smallest collar is designed to fit a dog with a neck circumference of 14 inches, and the largest is designed for a neck circumference of 27 inches. There are three different sizes of collars offered, so it is important to match the collar size for your dog.

Can the collar get wet?

Yes, the collar was designed to be submersed in water for up to 30 minutes. We do not recommend this as a common practice, however.

Does RoamEO require batteries?

RoamEO uses re-chargeable batteries. Power adapters are provided.

How much installation and/or assembly are required for RoamEO to be operational?

1) Take RoamEO out of the box.
2) Place the collar on your dog.
3) Turn it on.

RoamEO is now operational.

The only feature of RoamEO that requires any degree of installation is building the GPS Fence. This involves walking the perimeter of your fence outline to program the fence posts into memory. All other features of RoamEO are operational from the moment the system is activated.