Nautilis II 58 Gallon Rectangular Aquarium

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Nautilis II 58 Gallon Rectangular Aquarium Features:

  • Available in Black or Beech with Silver Trim
  • Manufactured with the highest quality 10 mm thick floating glass - designed for maximum viewing and enjoyment.
  • Tank Dimensions: 39.25" L x 16.5" W x 26" H
  • Stand is 29” High - Easy to Assemble
  • Cabinetry Stand is constructed from high quality, water-resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) materials.
  • Waterproof Strip-Light Canopy System provides enhanced lighting – ideal for fish and planted tanks!
  • Limited Two Year Warranty
  • Stand has cut-out openings in the back to accommodate tubing and filtration connections
  • Protective foam pad underneath the aquarium to protect the aquarium and the stand finish
  • Closing cabinet doors provide ample storage space for hiding filtration and supplies
  • Includes complete T5 lighting system with a full canopy. (bulbs are included)
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Price: from $749.95

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Additional Product Information

Penn Plax is proud to introduce the new Nautilis II 58 Gallon Rectangular Aquarium and Stand Combination. Designed to enhance the beauty, elegance and sophistication of your home or office.

This fish tank is created to meet the requirements of the aquarist and decorator alike. Available with black or beech and silver trim cabinetry with a coordinating stand that designed to complete the ensemble is included. Enjoy the beauty and experience the wonders of a peaceful aquatic environment within your living space!