PetSafe Pet Fence Lightning Protection

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  • Protect or Disconnect


Lightning is the #1 Cause of Damage to Underground Dog Fence Transmitters.

The dog fence boundary wire in your yard acts like a giant antenna drawing in any current transmitted through the ground during a lightning strike, even if that strike is hundreds of yards away.

The surge protection built into our underground dog fence transmitters will provide some protection for surges coming through your household wiring. However, it cannot stop the surge that comes through the boundary wire. The PetSafe Pet Fence Lightning Protection is designed to stop the lightning surge before it reaches the dog fence transmitter. Our Pet Fence Lightning Protection Module can be used for any brand of underground dog fence.

PetSafe Pet Fence Lightning Protection Features:

  • Protect or Disconnect™ Circuitry
    • In the event of a rare catastrophic surge, such as a massive direct lightning strike, it disconnects the transmitter.
  • Protects Against AC Power Surges and Lightning
    • Specifically designed for use with all electronic containment systems with protection for the AC Adapter and transmitter loop wire.
  • Increased Surge Current Ratings
    • The protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges
  • Reduce the Risk of a System Failure
    • Protects the transmitter so it can continue to keep the pet inside the designated safety zone.
  • Space Saving Design
    • Low profile unit plugs directly into the wall. The transformer plugs into the side of the unit for better balance and stability. There is even an extra convenience outlet.
  • Better Loop Connectors
    • Easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • Lifetime Product Warranty
    • The lightning module shall be free of any defects in design, materials, or workmanship, and we will repair or replace any defective product.

Price: $29.95

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