Habitat Wipes

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Use DooBeGone Habitat Wipes to instantly clean up small animal and reptile messes.

Safe for use on painted surfaces, walls, and carpeting. Wipes can be used nearly anywhere to clean up messes. Non-Toxic & Bio-Degradable.


One pack of 70 wipes. Safe to use with your pet inside the cage. Use on cages, toys, bowls, wood, walls, glass, plastic, screens, metal, hideaways, carpet, clothes, floors, and anyplace that needs a quick cleaning. Can be used with the critter, reptile, iguana, snake, or any fur covered friend on your shoulder, in the car, at friend's homes, the beach, a baseball game, a football game, the classroom, in the kitchen, or anyplace else your small animal friend decides to leave messes.


Trusted and used by small animal lovers, zoos, breeders, reptile and pet stores, veterinarians, teachers, and maintenance staff. Now, you can have the convenience of DooBeGone Habitat Cleaner anywhere you need to clean up.



Price: $5.99

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