Prevue Rabbit Cage Starter Kit

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The Prevue Rabbit Cage Starter Kit pulls it all together for you. It starts with a sturdy medal cage and adds all the creature comforts your pet could want.


This spacious waterproof rabbit cage is large enough to give your bunny plenty of room to romp and the 6-inch deep plastic base helps keep things tidy. The wood bunny hut gives your pet the option of privacy and the corner litter pan collects messes for easy cleanup. A ceramic food dish won't tip and is chew-proof. The Hoppin' Harvest chew toy helps manicure your bunny's teeth and nails. Just add bedding and you're ready to give your bunny a new home.



Price: $69.95

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Additional Product Information


  • Dimensions: 26.75" L x 16" W x 16" H
  • Plastic corner litter pan
  • Solid wood house
  • Ceramic dish for food, water or treats
  • Chew toy