PetSafe Spray Remote Dog Training Collar

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A harmless mist helps you train your dog. The PetSafe Spray Remote Dog Training Collar helps you manage your dog's behavior. Press a button on your remote and the collar releases a burst of lemon scented spray towards the dog's snout to correct his behavior.

The PetSafe Rechargeable Spray Remote Trainer is safe, comfortable, effective for any size pet and has no secondary side effects such as pain or fear. Plus it's Rechargeable Receiver & Transmitter Battery means you will never have to buy batteries again!

The hand held remote controls a spray collar worn by your dog. You may choose from 4 levels of spray, as well as sound tones to reinforce your training. To use this dog training collar, simply interrupt (spray) your dog while he is in the process of misbehaving. After receiving a few sprays your dog will avoid bad behavior in order to spare himself another spray. The spray is a lemon fragrance that dogs find unpleasant. It dissipates quickly, and is completely safe for humans and pets.

Both the Transmitter and Receiver are waterproof and submersible. The PetSafe Spray Remote Dog Training Collar includes the remote, the receiver collar, charging unit, lanyard, lemon spray can, and instructions.


  • Rechargeable batteries in both the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar
  • Spray Trainer has a Range up to 300 yards
  • 4 levels of spray correction
  • Easy Refill
  • 100% Waterproof design
  • PetSafe Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits pets with necks up to 28"
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Operating and Training Guide
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