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Question by Marjorie: Is the brand “Yesterday’s News” FOR CATS also safe to use for bunnies? YN cheaper than most other brands- that is if you buy it for cats. It’s paper pellets and on the packaging I can’t see any differences than the smaller version they sell for bunnies, which is twice as expensive. Continue Reading

RT @UrbanDecorSue: Yes! RT @fifthwalldesign: Old blankets and comforters are also great to donate to pet shelters! 🙂 @UrbanDecorSue @turktowel #designtv – by lydialabat (lydia labat)

Question by shockman: If lionfish have no natural predators, does that also mean that they also don’t have parasitic worms? I recall “The CBS Evening News” running a story on there being a surplus of lionfish near Florida, and folks were chowing down on them. Now, ever since I had learned that it is common Continue Reading

RT @crawdada: Lots of Mountain Goats news lately, but John Darnielle's also got the Extra Lens going full force – http://bit.ly/eHJzEN – by A_Neg_Narrative (A Negative Narrative)