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This dog walk which benefits pet shelters in Dana Point & San Clemente and is put on by the Pet Project Foundation, Called the Wag-A-Thon, the dog events include:: dog walk 0:51, dogs in costume 0:13 0:35 0:47 1:11 1:22 1:31, herding 0:21 0:58 and dog races 0:31 1:13. Some live music 0:03 0:39 1:35 Continue Reading

An automatic pet door is designed to give freedom and independence to your pet. They are designed differently for pets and for different placements. Chance of burglars and unauthorized animals to enter the house using pet doors are eliminated since these doors automatically opens only when it reads the sensor coming from the pet’s collar. Continue Reading

www.petinsurancereporter.com If youve had a pet for any length of time, then you know just how those veterinary bills can add up when your furry friend gets sick. But lately, a new trend has arisen that will help pet owners to better take care of their animals; and will help to relieve the financial burden Continue Reading

Pet pounds or pet shelters are usually government or perhaps privately funded interim residences designed for canine animals and various creatures. They’re meant for dogs and cats that were left behind, abused, or misplaced. They furnish refuge for dogs right up until they end up adopted, or are euthanized. Quite a bit of animals are Continue Reading

Feed and water are two essential elements for keeping your dog happy and healthy.  It’s important that your pet be fed and given water every day, preferably at around the same time of the day, if possible, in order to keep their digestive systems working regularly.  Because we all often lead busy lives and our Continue Reading

Pet benefits for your Children

Researchers at Warwick University in Coventry found that having a cat or dog at home exposed children to more infections early in life produced a stronger immune systems and are less likely to have days off school sick. While research with preschool children, psychologists at Oregon State University found that teaching children to care for Continue Reading