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Bird Hospital – India

December 1995 In the heart of crowded Delhi, there’s a haven that’s strictly for the birds. It’s a hospital devoted entirely to parrots, pigeons, and in fact any winged creature. It’s run by the Jains, an ancient Indian religious order whose devotees repair broken wings and beaks in pursuit of spiritual enrichment. Produced by ABC Continue Reading

Consider that large parrots can live 50 to 60 years and smaller birds live 5 to 10 years in thisfree video . Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.extracareanimalhospital.net Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by manger99: I was curious if anyone had any info on a bird adoptions. I was particularly interested in an Owl? I have googled ” owl adoptions” but the standard World Wildlife federation pages come up. I was looking more for an actual Owl that will benefit from my contributions…not just $ 50 towards Continue Reading

Question by Pamela L: What is the song/artist on the show “The Unusuals” Lyrics: Some say a bird flew bearing some good news…”? Best answer: Answer by sarrafzedehkhoeeLook here: http://heardontv.com/ Add your own answer in the comments!