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The inaugural event of the NYC Pet Show started on Saturday May 22nd 2010 at 11am. Cute Pet Gazette filmed the whole day. If you have been waiting for the ultimate pet business reality show…..wait till you see this group of wonderful pet vendors, companies, and pet celebrities all in one place. Thanx again to Continue Reading

Question by Annie: Why do people assume show breeders don’t…? Why do people assume show breeders don’t do working events, therapy visits, and/or rescue? I’ve hit this many times — where people accuse show breeders of being snobs, not doing obedience or other “real” activity, and of not doing — or worse yet – being Continue Reading

Snowball on the CBS Sunday Morning News Show

Bird Lovers Only Rescue www.birdloversonly.org is home to Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo (R). Bird Lovers Only is a 501c3 not for profit rescue and sanctuary which takes in unwanted, neglected, and abused parrots. You may receive t-shirts, DVDs, and other items in return for your tax-deductible donations by visiting the Bird Lovers Only site. Snowball Continue Reading

Question by Pamela L: What is the song/artist on the show “The Unusuals” Lyrics: Some say a bird flew bearing some good news…”? Best answer: Answer by sarrafzedehkhoeeLook here: http://heardontv.com/ Add your own answer in the comments!