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Question by What.. EVER: So what do you all think about Purina being a sponser of Yahoo Answers now? I think it’s very sad because many seeking answers on healthy food for their pets will be fooled into thinking brands like Purina are healthy but really are very unhealthy and junk food. To see what Continue Reading

Question by time to move to google: is yahoo getting more hokey – home page has those nicey-nice “human interest” “news” and idiot questions? “top companies for moms” seems like news at first, but then i realized it is just some sure-fire stupid and general heading that moms of course will check out. am i Continue Reading

Question by citadelstucco: are the pet ads on yahoo pets mostly scams? They seem a bit fishy to me. Are the “adoptions” legit? Best answer: Answer by snakeman11426Ahahahaha I get it Fishy pet ads Ahahahahaha *Stopped laughing* Give your answer to this question below!

Question by mrscmmckim: Did you know Yahoo has an “adopt a pet” classified section? I just discovered this and man am I excited! I want to adopt one of the more unusual pets like the fainting goat! http://classifieds.yahoo.com/result.html?fullnodeid=750049682&cc=pets Best answer: Answer by JackYes Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!